In search of an ars poetica.

I’m still puzzling through theories of genre in terms of what it is and what it can do.  This week’s provocations: Mieville as “fantastical materialist,” a riff at Montevidayo on current artistic production that (as in Pale King) finds in our contemporary moment “all the boredom of a dying sun,” and [h/t James Patrick Kelly] a rant by an independent critic who’s irritated with SF’s perpetuation of neoliberalism.  Oh, and I was reminded once again that I need to track down the Ultraist manifesto.
ETA: Also, New Inquiry takes on politics via meme.

Funny story:  This meta-meme brought to you by a literary critic/grad student I met at Clarionaut-friend Becky’s wedding reception, of all places.  His brother made it, he posted it to FB, and the image went viral.  Now it’s up at Daily Kos.  I’ve never been so few degrees of separation from Internet fame and glory.


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