Girlwonders as sharkhead.

In an effort to not repeat last year’s Halloween overthinking, I’d planned to keep it simple and dress up as an angel.  My friend and fellow apartment denizen (she of Saskatchewan Review) had scheduled a Heaven and Hell themed party for the weekend after Halloween proper.  Her place was hell, and James and mine was to be Heaven.  Thursday before the party we stocked up on sale candy at Target and perused the half-price costume aisle.  There were also pet costumes of various kinds, for cats and dogs mostly, in sizes S-L.  I put a medium-sized dog costume on my head.  This one:

Which is how, despite my best intentions, I ended up going as an angelshark/medium-sized dog for Halloween.

James found a God mask (tactfully named the “Man’s Hair Mask”—why not Rip Van Winkle?  Or does that still qualify as discrimination against older persons somehow?) on sale, so he forwent the angel wings, too:

One friend wore a horse’s head as his costume, and round about 1am, God found this in his bed:

James worked in the morning (which is why he found the horsehead rather than me), so we had to shut down heaven at 1am, but hell kept going til dawn.  As well it should.


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