Clarkesworld, Monkeybicycle, podcasts, thankfulness, etc.

This will be a link-salad-y post because there are New Things all over the Internet that I’ve not yet announced and/or corralled into narrative form.

First off, I somehow missed my Monkeybicyle piece going live.  It’s up and spiffy-looking and can be found here.

Second, my Clarkesworld story is up in podcast form, read by Kate Baker.  At the beginning of said podcast there’s a thank you to Neil Gaiman and John Scalzi (my week 2 Clarion instructor…small world, what?) for their recent shout-outs to help Clarkesworld.  CW’s wonderful editor, Neil Clarke, has had a seriously rough year.  I’d heard about his Readercon health scare from Becky (and other places around the ‘net).  Then when I sent in my contract for “Everything Must Go,” I received an email warning that Neil might be out of contact for a bit thanks to Hurricane Sandy.  Seriously, universe!  Give this guy a break!  And apparently the Scalzi/Gaiman SF ‘verse did, crashing Clarkesworld’s subscription site.  Friends and family, consider joining in the revel.  CW makes for great CTA reading, if you’re possessed of a Kindle.

Thirdly.  Tim and I have created a blogging link-loop of pure elation.  That ringing in your ears?   Internet feedback from blowing out the joy-speakers.

Soon I head to a Thanksgiving feast with my Chicago friends.  So much to be thankful for, a list can’t possibly do justice.  Happy Thanksgiving, all.  Here, have a hand turkey.


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