Cooking like a fiend.

The holiday season has been pell-mell busy thus far and I’m exhausted.  I never am able to keep up with my manic parents, who I love but who do not slow down ever.  Plus we have out-of-town guests: my uncle from Montana and his GF.  I am going to need a vacation from this vacation.  Have already started prepping for tomorrow’s tapas feast just so I get some downtime manana.  Every year my family makes Spanish tapas for Christmas Day.  Each person takes a few dishes so that no one winds up overwhelmed with preparation, which makes for a decadent multi-course meal.  This year’s lineup:

Hot buttered rum w/ maple Crown Royale

Wild mushroom soup

Tortilla espanola w/ aioli

Brussels sprouts gratin with ancho chili

Cranberry goat cheese, pecan and carmelized onion tarts

Lox rollitos with avocado

Gambas al ajillo

Patatas bravas

Salad (features TBA)

Salmon in mojo sauce

Various pies and cookies


Happy holidays to you, and hope your festivities are delicious!


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