That was fun.

Tim’s reply to my reply is here, and I am entertained.

Now, a reply to a reply to a reply!

I fell like most of the neurosis on display in the previous post is 9/10ths the luxury of dissertation leave.   Time away from teaching has allowed me to ramp up my processes, let them proliferate so’s I can see what sticks.  Usually, when I’m juggling a timesink work life (teaching, editing, etc.) alongside my a writing life, a more organic process like what Tim describes has been crucial to keeping my sanity.  Actually, his process was pretty much exactly how I muddled through Clarion: lots of half-started drafts until something lodged in my brain enough to get my attention.

Certainly lovely having a blog-conversation, though.  I get bored sometimes, babbling into the void.  Of course, I also find myself needing to drop off the face of the planet and deal with real life sometimes, which makes it rough holding up my end of the conversation.

Speaking of disappearing off the planet’s edge: Cat Valente has returned to the blogosphere.  Day = made.


2 thoughts on “That was fun.

    • Agreed! I’d nearly given up hope. She kept tweeting through the long silence, but Twitter just isn’t the same as a sustained post, y’know? Also: might you want to grab lunch or coffee or something at Boston AWP? Would love to meet you IRL.

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