I’m just gonna put this out there.

If anyone will be at AWP and wants to connect, hit me up.  Leave a comment here, poke me on Facebook, leave me a Tweet, shoot me an email (brookewonders777 at hotmail).  I have no idea where I’ll be or what I’ll be up to — reconnecting with old mentors and friends, mostly.  Some panel attendance, some offsite readings.  I’m not giving a panel myself, but I’ll definitely be at Brianna Noll and Tyler Mills’ poetry panel.  Beyond that, all is fluid.

I’m trying for Zen AWP.  My first AWP I acted like it was a full-time job and ran myself into the ground paneling and meeting up with people and buzzing around the bookfair, to the point that my third day at the conference I wound up sleeping through two panels I’d very much wanted to see because I just.  Couldn’t. Wake.  Up.  Last year AWP was in Chicago, but it was held the week before my preliminary exams (whhhyyyy?).  This situation forced me to chill the eff out, and lo, I was actually able to enjoy the conference, plus I met some fantastic people: Anna Joy Springer, Alissa Nutting, Steve Tomasula, etc.  I’m hoping to stick to that model, rather than reverting to the former psychosis.

I may mass blog AWP post the conference, like I did with Worldcon.  Or not, I haven’t yet decided.  Depends how much writing I get done while I’m gone, and how many amusing anecdotes pile up.  At moment it feels like there are too many projects cluttering up my brainspace.  I actually want to keep up my daily writing while I’m there.  No idea if I can make that happen, but I plan to try.

This blogpost is brought to you by Amanda Palmer’s TED talk.  And yes, I know we all hate TED talks with their feel-good lack of crit and promulgation of error-ridden and oversimplified talking points.  But for those of you who are not hollowed-out shells of people, let this briefly make you reconsider your faith in random strangers:

But yeah.  You.  Yeah, you.  If you want to grab a cup of coffee or a drink or something, lemme know.  The whole point of conferencing is the people, not the panels.


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