The Account: A Journal of Poetry, Prose, and Thought

The other project that’s been keeping me busy:

This past week, myself and a pile of writer-friends launched this.

I’m absurdly proud of it.  I was mostly working on the prose side of things (although the poetry is absolutely excellent). Liner notes:  I’m very happy we’re part of Davis Schneiderman’s [SIC] project, which pushes on the utility and bounds of copyright law.  Nicole Walker is a mentor and friend, and her microessays are playful critiques of the ascendancy of flash-everything.  Jared Sexton’s story ends on an arresting image that critiques the “white dude has marriage problems” brand of literary fiction.  And Jen Phillis’s criticism engages with both the aesthetics and politics of contemporary poetry to conclude that: “Art, for Bedient and Goldsmith, only has meaning or value once it becomes part of the world. For art to count as art, they believe, the audience must respond to it. That is, they believe that the poem—whether a conceptual poem or a poem of affect—is ultimately defined by the audience, not the poet….In other words, both Bedient and Goldsmith define meaning as if it were a property of the body or of a community of consumers. As such, they cannot simultaneously believe that the art of poetry is an autonomous aesthetic activity. If that’s the case, we can go ahead and do without poems altogether, can’t we?”

Why aren’t you reading the rest already?


Art by Kelda Martensen.


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