Fall break.

Spent fall break revising and submitting new work, in between job applications and eating Pilgrims. I feel caught between.  Projects, places, books.   Only a week before I head to AZ to visit with family and friends, so any new routine I start will be disrupted.  Bah!  The spring semester will be here before I can sneeze, though.  I’m teaching and/or TA’ing the entire survey of British Literature between now and July.  This fills me with deep joy, knowing that I’ll be rereading novels/stories/poems/essays I adore for at least the next seven months.  I have no idea what full canon immersion will do to my writing, but my breakthrough/first publication (Brevity) happened during the last semester I TA’d a literature survey course, so I’ll be writing like a mad thing and hoping for osmosis.

On the publication front, I’ve had a piece accepted at Gingerbread House Literary Magazine.  The magazine is a beautiful, serious upstart (less than a year old), and their editors are all poets.  Full of admiration for the weird and wonderful fabulism they selected for issue one. They picked up the title story from my collection, an oddball nighttime logic flashfic — acceptance received on Thanksgiving Day, too.   Something to be thankful for (the list is long).

Happy Thanksgiving/fall break to you.  Have an articulated hand turkey.



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