AWP 2014

I’ll be moderating one panel and serving on another.  I’ll also be manning The Account’s table at the Bookfair.  Please come by and say hello!

Friday, 10:30-11:45am, Room LL4, Western New England MFA Annex, Lower Level:

F156. Give Me Your Vampires, Your Fae, Your Bulbous Alien Masses Yearning to Breathe Free. (Rachel Swirsky,  Rahul Kanakia,  Brooke Wonders,  Nick Mamatas) Realist and experimental fiction writers often express nervousness about allowing their undergraduates to submit fantasy and science fiction to workshop. Some go so far as to ban such work outright, a tactic that can defuse young writers’ enthusiasm. Join writers whose work has appeared in both literary and genre publications as they discuss how a successful undergraduate workshop can include teaching serious genre fiction.

Sat., 10:30-11:45am, Cedar Room, Sheraton Seattle, 2nd Floor:

S135. The Wreckage of Reason: Contemporary Experimental Prose by Women Writers. (Aimee Parkison,  Alexandra Chasin,  Brooke Wonders,  Cyndi Reeves,  Nava Renek) Writers from Wreckage of Reason 2, an anthology of contemporary experimental prose by women, discuss challenging traditional modes of storytelling, subverting narrative and language, and exploring provocative subject matter as they follow in the footsteps of Gertrude Stein, Virginia Woolf, and Djuna Barnes at a time when experimental writing by women has been virtually shut out of the mainstream publishing market.


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