Newest works, news, the works.

Grimoire issue two is live!  The issue also contains a video project I’ve been working on with James — I am no film artist, let me tell you.  My friend the poet Annah Browning (who has been blowing up lately…) jokingly suggested that our magazine needed an advice column called Resident Ghost, wherein we summon a spirit to answer reader questions.  So, this is that.  We had far too much fun with the Holiday Special edition.  I also wrote a riff on Angela Carter for the issue, if you are as in love with her work as I am.

My latest erasure went live at Diagram at the beginning of this month, and I am terribly pleased.  The entire issue is fantastic: Gina Alexandra’s “Heirlooms” is a particular favorite (it must be howling, it must be calling its cubs…).  The issue prior, an all-erasure issue, featured wonderful work by many erasure writers I admire, including Jen Moore, as well as work that comments on different kinds of erasure, as in Tariq al Haydar’s fabulous “The Emperor’s 13 Colonies and the Ghosts of Breakfasters.”

I’m almost done with Heloise&Wulf, the video game I’ve been working on; we previewed it at Bitbash Chicago back in October (we took part in their Halloween spectacular), and art from the game appears in Grimoire as the header art for the Billy’s Dream interpretation column.  The people who playtested it were very kind about our odd duckling of a post-apocalypse card game.

I have two new stories forthcoming: “An Affectionate Silence,” in Lethe Press’s anthology Survivor, edited by Maryanne Mohanraj and J.J. Pionke; and “Seven Devices for Dispelling Demons,” from Wild Musette.

And I finally finished a downdraft of the memoir, which has only taken me 10 years to figure out how to structure.  I’m returning to Ghostwitch, the novel I finished back in June, so as to teach myself a better process for long-form revision before I go breaking the memoir with my cluelessness.  Wrote 150K on those two books alone last year, not counting the (very lengthy) script for Heloise&Wulf.  I owe it all to James, who lends me his hands when mine let me down.  The wrist pain comes and goes (I will never be a regular blogger, ha ha ha grr) but we manage.

Hopefully 2017 will bring more of same, productivity-wise (and in NO OTHER WAY).  The world seems dark and terrifying, and everything I make turns nightmarish, but perhaps that’s only reflection.

I’ll be at AWP this year with my Grimoire co-editors, dressed in black with my witch’s hat on.  Stop by for a Motherpeace tarot reading, some Grimoire shwag, or an ankh stamp to bring you back to the glory days of ’90s era gothdom.