Consumer whore.

Went thrift store shopping this weekend, with friend.  She scored the loveliest thing, a vintage black velvet cocktail dress with a baby-doll cut, covered in buttons. But I didn’t do half bad, either.

I went with the goal of finding more teacherly clothes.  Two pieces were particularly lovely: a fitted knee-length black wool blend Bebe skirt (I’ve been wearing it nonstop); and a short black wool coat with a high collar and asymmetrical button closure (it is identical to Matt’s; we will be one of those obnoxious matchy-matchy couples).  Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads in Wicker Park are pretty sweet, but it’s the tiny thrift store next to those that had the most unusual stuff.  I also got a pile of tees to go under things; the classrooms I teach in are set at 90 degrees, and I boil if I’m dressed weather-appropriately, so layers are a must at this point.  Also got one of those funny long sweater-shirt-dress things.  Sweshess?  Dreirt?  I don’t know.

On a grad student budget I shouldn’t be spending money, but I do love thrifting, especially with happy, equally obsessed company.  The pretties!