“An Affectionate Silence” Survivor anthology, Lethe Press
Heloise & Wulf, with Annah Browning and Ben Gemmel, the Havens online edition of Black Warrior Review

“Seven Devices for Dispelling Demons,” Wild Musette
“Fire Signs,” Cutbank
“Erasure Book Reviews of Popular Grief Books…” DIAGRAM

Birdwolf XIV, Entropy (a collaborative epic poem)

Their Days Are Numbered XVI, Entropy (a collaborative novel)
“A Spoke in Fortune’s Wheel,” The Dark 
“Self Erasure,” DIAGRAM

“Griefbunny,” Apex Magazine
“Skinwalk: A Dissection,” North American Review
“Memoir,” Wreckage of Reason II: Back to the Drawing Board, Spuyten Duyvil
“The Sneeze,” Kazka Press

“The Art of Falling,” Gingerbread House Literary Magazine
“Purchase, Murder, Theft.” Matter: A Monthly Journal of Political Poetry and Commentary
On the Psyche Ward,The Collagist
“You’d Be Someone You Wouldn’t Recognize,” Apeiron Review
“The Entomologist’s Three Ballgowns,” Electric Velocipede
“And They Shall Never Sever,” Mirror Dance

“Everything Must Go,” Clarkesworld, reprinted in The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror (Prime Books, August 2013)
“What We Can’t Reach,” Monkeybicycle, reprinted in &NOW: The Best Innovative Literature, Vol. 3 (Northwestern University Press, March 2015)
“Here Be Toothsome Wolves,Rose Red Review

“Substitution,” Daily Science Fiction
“Come Back, Jimmy Dean,” Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction

Review of Finding Abbey by Sean Prentiss, North American Review
Review of Haints Stay by Colin Winnette, Denver Quarterly (with Annah Browning)
Review of The Petals of Your Eyes by Aimee Parkison, Entropy Magazine
Review of Something Wrong with Her by Cris Mazza, Essay Daily
Review of Electricity and Other Dreams by Micah Dean Hicks, American Book Review
Review of Companion to an Untold Story by Marcia Aldrich, American Book Review
Review of Vicious Red Relic Love by Anna Joy Springer, American Book Review

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