A gratitude post, or: beware incoming mush.

No more blogposting while ill.  That’s when I’ve had time lately, but it’s also when I’m at my mopiest.  Past several blogposts have been meditations on a theme of sickness-related self-pity.  So, let’s be done with that.

Life changes in light of what appears to be permanent leg and foot pain:  I’ve been stretching near constantly.  Jim’s hands crack and bleed when he gets home from the store where he works, so we’ve been trading hand and foot massages, and it’s helped immensely: I can walk, and his hands crack less.  I bought better gym shoes and a pair of orthotic insoles, and thus far they’re at least letting me get around Chicago with minimal pain, although I’m still hurting enough after a short walk to the store that I’m leery of returning to the gym.  Maybe elliptical machine after mucho stretching this Wed., if possible.

Mostly I’ve been trying to keep off my feet, which (conveeeeeeniently) has kept me glued to my desk.  I really, really love my exam paper.  A little too much.  When it goes badly, I’m devastated like it’s a failing story.  Half the battle’s been research–I need such specific info, involving hours (days!) of searching .gov sites and obscure news organs, and half the time I still can’t find precisely what I need.  But this paper’s still the best thing I’ve ever written, even in its messy, deconstructed state.  I want to love it and squeeze it and call it George.  It has five charts!  Charts!!

The exam paper is the 800-lb. gorilla in the room, and it’s definitely been getting in the way of my other two lists, which is displeasing.  Goals for this week: 1) catch up after lengthy illness(es), and 2) time management OMFG.

I am so not complaining, though.  Jim’s pretty much saved me over the past week.  In light of Valentine’s Day, a quick mushy-mush:  He’s done 90% of the cooking, cleaning, and household caretaking for the past three weeks.   The house would be a shambles, with me starving and/or surviving on ramen and Saltines, if not for him.  And he’s helped me walk places, and gotten me to places on time when I couldn’t walk.   When he arrived in Chicago last September, he could cook meatloaf and spaghetti sauce and not much else.  Yesterday he made me five kinds of crepe.

Yeah.  So, not complaining.  SO not complaining.

I feel very loved, which is happymaking this Hallmark time of year.  Love it or hate it, Happy Valentines’ Day.  Whether you’re single or partnered, I wish you good food and the sure knowledge you’re loved.

End mush.


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